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Borderlands 2 luckiest slot machine

So here is where the psychological manipulation of the mind comes.
The odds slot machine gratis senza iscrizione joker are always the same, it never changes, because getting ten thousand tickets doesn't add the odds up 's the same odds per ticket.Now assume you are buying ten thousand tickets(10 000 MW drops).does it increase your odds of winning the lottery?Now to clarify, it's a hypothetical number since it streamlines 15 possible inscriptions per slot(which should be in the right ball park though doesn'T account for different percentage rolls for each of them AND doesn't take into account the actual droprate of MW items(since this.There aren't just haters and white knights out there, there is a whole big spectrum in between and they make up the majority, so put down your pitchforks and try to see the bigger picture.Needless to say, accounting for the missing variables you can safely add several zeros behind the decimal.If you still disagree that the droprate should stay as grand casino genève suisse it is, then at least accept the notion of "our" demands as a valid reasoning.

Buying a ticket(aka MW drop) gives you the chance, of course, but how likely is it?But the fact is an increased droprate doesn't affect the whole "you will just get all ultimate god rolls within a week and be done with the game".that's not how things work.Okay, so let's get the most important thing out of the way first.So what is an increased droprate actually gonna do for you?This IS WHY an increased droprate has nothing to do with getting the ultimate gear, it's about tricking your mind into perceiving the odds as more favourable than they factually are.In the greater scheme of things?So this gets us to: X 100/47(50625 x 100/2.379.375,., these ARE THE odds FOR ANY given combination OF inscriptions ON ANY given MW drop!Y 27(MW weapons) 10(class specific components) 10(MW Gear).It makes you feel like "shooting for that god roll" is a possibility and therefore keeps you engaged and keep on trying.The, br to of and a : " in you that i it he is was for - with ) on?So 15 to the power of four 50 625 different combinations of inscriptions(and this isn't even accounting for the different percentage rolls, just the inscription type itself, otherwise this number would be multiple times as high).Everything you need to keep you going.It manipulates you into perceiving the odds as higher as they factually are and therefore tricks you into thinking you got "a chance" at your god roll, despite the possibility being next to none.

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The loot and inscription situation.