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On time bonus reward box

Opening a box gives you various rewards.
School Idol Skills Cool Wink 1st year Trill Cool Bloom Diva Backgrounds Maki's room Nozomi eggs Nozomi eggs exclusive rewards euro casino online tropez Titles Thinking about Nozomi-chan Nozomi ultra fan Spiritual ya ne School Idol Skills Pure Wink 3rd year Trill Pure Bloom Fortune Backgrounds Nozomi's room Hanayo.
New Accounts and players returning after at least 60 days of inactivity will receive a buff, marking them for the event.
Pictured: filling Nico 5m egg (also I suck at this game) 100 different eggs exist: 20 different kinds, one for each girl and each group, with 5 levels on each egg.School Idol Skills Pure Wink 1st year Trill Pure Bloom Lollipop Backgrounds Ruby's room Each egg only gives out one reward.G G R Seal R teacher Yazawa sibling Brown Alpaca R Skill EXP SR Kiss Perfume?(3-7) (4-9) (6-10) (7-10) Loveca pieces the amount of pieces required for 1 Loveca goes up with every exchange; you can find your current progress in your goals.As soon as the money arrives in your account you can do what you like with.Stay logged in to claim even more and turn them in for special Emblems, powerful utility items and more!Normal boxes appear at the end of every Live, and once you fill one, you get another to fill automatically.

Egg-exclusive School Idol Skills can also be obtained in any egg.Two types of reward boxes exist: normal boxes, and special boxes.You can only have one box active at the same time, so if you get an egg, it will replace your current normal box.The Rise: Revolution Update is here, and while the massive list of changes and improvements might be enough to draw you in, we're sweetening the pot with a trio of events with huge rewards, no matter how you want to play!Sparkling Sprout Cap Box: A special Head item that puts a flashy little plant on your mercenary's head.Reward 100k 400k.2m 2m 4m * 100 FP?Information below for JP only Reward 250k 1m 3m 5m 10m 2 000 FP??Event Name, power of Change Event.
School Idol Skills Cool Wink 2nd year Trill Cool Bloom Blossom Backgrounds Riko's room Kanan eggs Kanan eggs exclusive rewards Titles Thinking about Kanan-chan Kanan ultra fan Hug shiyo School Idol Skills Pure Wink 3rd year Trill Pure Bloom Dolphin Backgrounds Kanan's room Dia eggs.
Each egg has 5 different levels, with different designs depending on the group.