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Slot machine achievement borderlands 2

There are 128 general challenges, excluding DLC.
10 The Not-So-Phantom Tollbooth Pay the toll.
Find all four telescopes in Southern Shelf Bay.Borderlands characters and details both new and old personalities that we will be seeing.Torkin' Out the Trash Kill tork badasses.The Pistol challenge "Hard Boiled" is likely a reference to the film of the same name, especially when given that the shoot-outs in the film are largely pistol-based.By Zoe Delahunty-Light, news It's intriguingly hidden in the game files.Get seconds winds by killing an enemy with corrosive DoT.I Like My Treasure Rare Loot or purchase blue items.

1 Vault Hunter.1 Portrait of the Gunzerker as a Young Man Find out why Salvador came to Pandora.Loot or purchase blue-rarity items.The Happiest Color Loot or purchase legendary Items.I Hardly Know 'Er Kill marauders.2K 10K 50K 100K.5M Slampage!(This means completing level 5 for general challenges.) jeeeeenkinssssss!
That'll Learn ya Kill enemies with reflected damage from a Spike Shield.
10 Three Horns - Divide Man's Best poker werte der karten Friends Kill Boll without hurting any of his poor snow skags.

Hyperius the Not-So-Invincible Divide Hyperius by zero.
Longshot Headshot Get critical hits with sniper rifles.
Get critical hits with assault rifles.This Is My Gun (Unlocked by completing This Is My Rifle.