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Considering the nature of his norvegia lotteria description, I can see why Jim McLean thinks that Tiger Woods is executing a * "single-plane" swing - especially if one also considers the associated fact that his clubhead seemingly traces a near-identical circular path in the downswing as the.
Jim McLean uses the following diagram to explain the club "fall-in" phenomenon.
The above diagram uses Sergio Garcia's swing as an example.Jim McLean's "slot swing" - a brief overview of his descriptive approach to the subject: Jim McLean states in his book that his interest in the concept of the "slot swing" started in the early 1980s when he drew lines on a video monitor screen.If a golfer understands the flying wedge concept and the power package concept, then it becomes much easier for a golfer to understand how to move the arms/clubshaft in the early downswing.Resolution up to 4K x 2K (4096x2304) @ 24Hz - Supports DVI-D with max.V_jqJ9R2LypY NR1 Stuart Appleby's backswing action - capture images from his swing video I have highlighted the right arm/forearm in red, because it allows a reader to concentrate his visual attention on the movement of the right arm/forearm in space.I believe that Hogan's description of the "correct" pelvic motion is still the best advice - and he demonstrated that pelvic motion using the following diagram in his book.Supports Intel HD Graphics Built-in Visuals : Intel Quick Sync Video with AVC, MVC (S3D) and mpeg-2 Full HW Encode1, Intel InTru 3D, Intel Clear Video HD Technology, Intel Insider, Intel HD Graphics 4400/4600 - Pixel Shader.0, DirectX.1 - Max.The reason is that his swing actions are very simple, and he moves his hands along the same path in the downswing as the backswing - see above DTL photos.Jim McLean believes that the critical moves that a golfer needs to use to flatten the clubshaft at the start of the downswing is the combination of a i) left-lateral pelvic shift movement and a ii) dropping of the right elbow towards the right hip.Note the positional alignment of the baseball player's left arm/hand/clubshaft at the start of his downswing action.Image 4 shows Jamie Sadlowski at the end of his early downswing (when his left arm is parallel to the ground).The technique uses the right forearm takeaway, rather than the one-piece takeaway.It usually points at the belt buckle, and passes through the lower back.

That represents a pelvic over-slide action, and it causes the spine and head to move too far left-laterally.First consider this cross-sectional diagram of the human pelvis, so that you can better understand his pelvic motion in the next composite photo showing Jamie Sadlowski's backswing/downswing action.Note that the butt end of his club points at the ball-target line, which means that his clubshaft is on-plane.He states-: Your first move from the top is to shift your lower body laterally towards the target and he uses the following diagram as a visual aid for his ideas.His hands/clubshaft then ascend along a steeper path during the backswing and end up just above the right shoulder plane (TSP) at the end of his backswing.Created by Brian Manzella.In order to build momentum and really drive that spike roulette comment gagner casino into the rail, the man swinging the sledgehammer loops his hands up and over at the start of the downswing. .There should be no numeri lotteria fondo edo tempia movement at wrist level during the process of lowering the intact power package down towards waist level (down towards the delivery position) during the club slotting action.I previously mentioned that Stuart Appleby is a perfect role model for golfers who want to learn how to "correctly" slot their swing.In the backswing, the elastic band will become stretched when the left pelvis moves forward (towards the ball-target line).Club "falling back" phenomenon - from reference number 1 The caption for this diagram states-: "It should feel as if the clubshaft and the clubhead are falling behind the body".Desired end-backswing position - capture image from the author's swing video lesson Starting with image.I have described this procedure in great detail in my How to Move the Arms, Wrists, and Hands in the Golf Swing review paper (and I demonstrated the procedure in the accompanying swing video lesson and I have also discussed this issue comprehensively.
He writes-: "Because the sledgehammer is heavy, the worker swings the hammer inside, and once he gains momentum, he lifts it up using the big muscles of his shoulders and back.
In other words, Jim McLean seemingly believes that the *hands and clubshaft are not on the same plane, and he believes that the clubshaft should flip over backwards to a shallower plane while the hands remain on the same plane, or even a steeper plane.

I have described the biomechanical differences between left arm swinging and right arm swinging in great detail in my Left Arm Swinging, Right Arm Swinging and Hitting review paper).
Note that his pelvis is still centralised between his feet - there has been no left-lateral shift of his pelvis towards the target during his entire downswing.